Photography, Graphic Design, Layout, Printing/Publishing

Visual appeal has a lot to do
with a person’s choice of what to eat.
Professional food photography can build your
profits by influencing your customers’ menu choices.

Keep your kitchen busy with mouth-watering
sparkling images.
On average more food is sold when
accompanied by photographs - push profitable items, or have the whole menu photographed.
Keep your chef busy and make extra sales!

All clients say their food sales increased dramatically and they recovered the cost quickly.

Not only do we provide professional,
beautiful photos, but offer design, layout,
translation, and printing services if you require.
Our aim is to provide a great service at
low cost to help you improve your sales.

An unattractive photo is worse than
no photo at all. We provide a professional photographer with specialized equipment and years of experience.

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Menu items (up to 20 items, within 4 hours) ¥49,500
Additional items ¥3,000
Several shots (cuts) of each dish
from which one will be enhanced/edited for final copy.
Images supplied on CD ROM within 5 working days.

Interior shots,
Custom size prints on backlight film,
Text overlay,
Translation into English,
Graphic Design,Layout, Printing
Please ask for quote.


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