Next Step...

Please make an appointment, either for a morning or afternoon session. (At that time please pay a 50% deposit, remaining to be paid on completion)

The photographer and food co-ordinator will be there, to accept dishes from your kitchen. The co-ordinator will take care of the presentation while the photographer will take several views of each dish.

You will receive a CD ROM within 5 working days (or you can opt to view on a private web site for speed, if neccesary). Of these images please choose one of each to be enhanced and sent to you in high quality format (both JPEG and TIF formats).

If you'd like us to produce your menu, or other services like translation, backlight film for window or showcase, web site, pamplets etc., please talk to us about it - we'll pay a visit at a time convenient for you.

Thank you very much for your interest!


Something different? How about artistic images for your menu...
photos turned into oil paintings, watercolours, sketches etc.


Oil Painting

Colour Illustration

Pencil Sketch